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LARS Features
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Library Asset Reporting System for the Entire Corporation
DCMS/LARS is a mainframe-based software product that enables the customer to find which production library members are no longer in use and can safely be moved to a history archive. Many mainframe sites avoid cleaning their libraries because of the time-consuming effort and risk of problems. This often leaves hundreds or thousands of library members that have not been used in decades. Removal of obsolete library members makes future analysis easier and less error-prone because of the reduction in confusing library clutter.

LARS Features

LARS determines which members are in use by using a combination of the following sources:
Operating Environment for LARS
LARS is available for any processor that supports the z/OS operating system environment. LARS supports all versions and releases of z/OS and ISPF.

60-day Trial
The LARS system can be shipped to your company for a no cost, no obligation trial or downloaded directly from the DCMS web site.

Products are licensed (Perpetual and Renewable) on a per processor basis. Tiered pricing is based on Processor Software Groups. Annual maintenance for perpetual licenses is calculated at a rate of 15% of the current license fee.

LARS Publications
DCMS LARS Administrator Guide