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Automatically Capture and Archive Reports for online Viewing
DCMS/RAS is a software product that allows you to copy selected reports from the JES2 queue to longer-term storage on the system’s VSAM Storage file. Once saved by RAS, the reports can be purged from the JES2 spool, freeing valuable spool space. Within RAS, the reports are saved in a highly compressed format. RAS provides an online facility that allows users to view the saved reports using an intuitive ISPF dialog. The system’s report retention facility purges old reports to keep the file from growing continuously.


Major Features


Sample RAS Screens

Operating Environment
RAS is available for any processor that supports the z/OS operating system environment and supports all versions of z/OS.

Service and Support
The DCMS toll-free Service and Support Hotline (952) 473-3572 is accessible 24 hours / 7 days a week. On-site training and consulting are available for a nominal fee.

60-day Trial
The RAS system can be shipped to your company, or you can download RAS,  for a no cost, no obligation trial.

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