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XREF Provides Immediate JCL and Program Component Cross Reference Information for the Entire IT Department

The DCMS Cross Reference Facility (XREF) is a self-maintaining information repository and query system that provides instantaneous access to comprehensive where-used information on all of your Job, Proc, source program components. The XREF Monitor keeps the system's database current by updating the database automatically whenever a JCL member, PROC, program or program component is modified. XREF allows analysts to perform error free change impact analysis in seconds rather than hours or days. XREF eliminates the need to perform long running and often difficult to accurately interpret library scans. The XREF database is always current and up to date.

XREF supports an unlimited number of libraries.

XREF currently supports the PDS, PDS/E, CA-Librarian and CA-Panvalet library formats.  However, XREF is very flexible and can be easily modified to support any number of additional library formats.

The XREF online Query Facility provides precise, accurate and instantaneous answers to literally hundreds of questions.
Here is a small sample of what XREF can show you:

XREF Features
The XREF Online Query Facility presents information in two views: Standard and Extended. A PF key permits the user to quickly switch from one view to the other.
The database information is also available in hard-copy.

The XREF database is kept current and in synchronization with your production libraries by one of two methods:
Recent Enhancements - XREF Version 5
XREF now provides detailed DB2 information obtained from the analysis of SQL statements within your production source programs. XREF shows the use of tables, databases and indices within SQL.
DB2 stored procedure CALL
XREF's Online Inquiry has been enhanced for a new look. The Direct/Prompted approach has been eliminated in favor of a combined, easier-to-use main menu.

XREF's Online Inquiry now provides enhanced wildcard handling for generic searches. The use of the double-asterisk (**) now emulates IBM’s in the DSLIST facility.

XREF now provides the ability to define and use parallel databases. Up to 39 XREF databases can be used, permitting separation of the data by company, division, department, application, etc. See the section entitled Parallel Systems.

Supported Languages
XREF recognizes and cross-references library members of the following languages:
Operating Environment for XREF
XREF is available for any processor that supports the z/OS operating system environment.  The package consists of batch and online components. The online components execute in the TSO/ISPF environment. The DCMS proprietary DBMS is VSAM based and does not require DB/2.

The XREF installation package consists of programs, ISPF panels, messages, skeleton JCL and complete documentation. Installation and customization can easily be completed in a single day. Simply identify the libraries that contain your Jobs, Proc's and source programs to XREF.  XREF will then take an inventory of all the modules and their relationships and build the initial database.  XREF, from that point on, automatically updates the database whenever a member is updated on one of the defined libraries.

60-day Trial
The XREF system can be shipped to your company for a no cost, no obligation trial or downloaded directly from the DCMS web site.

The XREF license is renewable on a per processor basis.

XREF Publications
Administration Guide Describes the installation and components included with the Cross Reference System. Its intended use is for XREF Administrators.
User Guide Describes the day-to-day usage of the Cross Reference System. Its intended use is for general users of the XREF system.