Data Center Management Systems

Customer Service

Technical Support Hotline
The DCMS Customer Service and Technical Support Hotline (952) 473-3572 is accessible 24 hours / 7 days a week. DCMS Technical Services can also be reached via e-mail at

Professional Services
From planning and implementing, to optimizing and enhancing your DCMS software solutions, no one knows more about the capabilities of our technology than DCMS Professional Services. We've helped transform IT organizations around the world by applying DCMS solutions in a multitude of industries. Let us discuss with you how we can can help you.
Implementation Services
For your organization to truly reap the benefits of its DCMS solution, it must be tailored to your goals, your systems, and your processes. That's why we made our technology so adaptable. Discover how we can optimize it to your needs.

System Enhancement Services
Your DCMS technology is a foundation for IT growth. Let our professionals help you select and implement the enhancements that make the most sense for your organization and ensure you get the greatest return on your DCMS investment.
Education Services
The DCMS technology you employ is powerful. Get the most out of your investment by making sure the people you rely on to run it are knowledgeable on the full spectrum of its functionality. Education Services provides the training and knowledge needed to fully utilize your DCMS solution.

DCMS provides standard and customized training delivered by our instructors using the latest technology to enable your technical professionals to maximize their productivity when working with DCMS products.
CCS Basic Administration Training Class
This two day course provides the student with a basic overall understanding of all of the major CCS components.  Through lectures and lab exercises the student gains high level working knowledge of all aspects of the CCS online and batch sub-systems.

Audience: This course has been designed for the CCS System Administrator or CCS user seeking a basic overall understanding of the CCS architecture, structure, online interfaces and utilities.  This course or equivalent knowledge is a prerequisite for the CCS Advanced Administration class.

CCS Advanced Administration Class
This two day course teaches the student how to customize, enhance and manage their CCS system.  The knowledge provided allows the student to identify opportunities and requirements for tailoring and enhancing their CCS system. New CCS features, enhancements and techniques are also covered in depth.

Audience: This course is designed for the experienced CCS System Administrator whose responsibilities include implementation, tailoring, security administration, monitoring, optimization and problem diagnosis and resolution.  The CCS Basic System Administrator class or equivalent knowledge is a prerequisite for this course.
Custom on-site Training
Custom training at your company is also available at a nominal fee.  Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Free Installation Support
Whether upgrading to new product version or trialing a DCMS product for the first time, we will assign a DCMS Product Manager to work closely with you for the length of your project. The person assigned will be a very skilled z/OS expert as well as a DCMS product expert. You will be given their direct phone number and email address, so you can quickly get all questions answered. They will also be available to help you with planning, installation, customization and implementation. This service is offered at no charge. This will allow you to experience first hand the truly excellent technical service that we offer.