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JAT Overview - JAT Automates Test JCL and Test File Generation

JAT provides significant reductions in the time and labor associated with Application System Testing setup.  JAT allows programmers to quickly create new test JCL and fresh test files from their corresponding production versions in seconds.  Since this is a System Testing tool it provides value beyond the efforts associated with application testing. A recent JAT customer realized $450,000 in cost reductions for a large scale application testing setup, however a more significant consideration was the estimated cost reduction of $200,000 per year for continuous improvement testing setup.

JAT significantly reduces project cost and delivery time by providing complete automation in the testing setup process. This automation eliminates the majority of the manual labor-intensive processes associated with testing setup. These include JCL Setup, test data file creation, input parameter file creation, and concurrent testing capabilities.  JAT also improves test accuracy by making it so easy to regenerate test files and test JCL that JAT users are seldom tempted to risk reusing test JCL or out of date files from a previous project.

How it works
Interactively, using ISPF, define and save your test file naming standards, your test JCL standards, your source LPAR name and your target LPAR name. Then anytime you need fresh test JCL or test files simply tell JAT the member name of the production JOB you are planning to test.  JAT will then examine the production JOB and create renamed copies of the all production files needed for the test and optionally create a complete set of test JCL.  JAT can create test files on the same system or prepare the test files for export to a second LPAR within the same or remote complex.

The JAT Process
1. The Initial ISPF screen prompts for the following information
2. Foreground process input data
3. Background file creation and copy operation
Product use Recommendation
JAT can provide Customer with much time and cost savings advantages for their application development project efforts, current “as-is” system testing, and future on-going system testing requirements on the OS/390 platform. This product will provide cost savings, which will pay for the product many times over. The following is a list of proposed JAT product usage considerations.
Additionally - JAT Includes the DCMS Cross-Reference System (XREF)
XREF Provides Immediate access to JCL and Program Component Cross Reference Information for the Entire IT Department.
Customer Service and Support
The DCMS toll-free Customer Support Hotline (800) 998-3848 is accessible 24 hours / 7 days a week. On-site training and consulting are available for a nominal fee.

60-day Trial
The JAT system can shipped to your company for a no cost, no obligation trial. Pre-loaded tables and databases are provided to allow the system to be reviewed with minimum effort.

Products are licensed (Perpetual and Renewable) on a per processor basis. Tiered pricing is based on Processor Software Groups. Annual maintenance for perpetual licenses is calculated at a rate of 15% of the current license fee.

Operating Environment
JAT is available for any processor that supports the z/OS operating system environment. JAT utilizes ISPF/Dialog Manager (DM) and ISPF/Program Development Facility (PDF). VSAM is used as the basis for the DCMS proprietary DBMS. JAT supports all versions and releases of z/OS, ISPF and VSAM.

    DCMS JAT Administrator Guide
    DCMS JAT User Guide

Cost Savings Assumption Model
Business Application changes require system integration testing be performed on a business process flow comprised of batch processing testing. This testing includes the changed programs and the associated programs impacted by the process changes. The model is based on “best case” industry averages. Cost estimates are based on a $50.00 hourly rate.

This scenario assumes Company ABC requires changes to the Accounts Receivable system to adjust the aging algorithms. These changes impact online CICS programs which define the customer master detail records which define the terms for receipt and the related batch jobs performing system accrual, G/L hand off, etc.

Programs scheduled for modification
Programs scheduled for testing
Jobs scheduled for testing
Files required for testing
Hourly Rate
Time required to setup 30 test Jobs
5 Hours
Time required to setup 300 files
100 Hours

Sample Cost Savings
Testing Setup Function Manual Hours Est. Manual Cost Est. JAT Hours Est. JAT Cost
JCL setup for jobs
File setup for jobs
Total Cost without JAT 105 Hours * $50.00 = $5250.00
Total Cost With JAT 1.5 Hours * $50.00 = $75.00
Total Cost Savings 103.5 Hours * $50.00 = $5,175.00

Sample Product Pricing
The following pricing is based on Software Group 80 processor pricing. 
  Base product price (Software Group 80)
  First year maintenance. 
  Total system delivery price