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IT Software Solutions Price
CCS Change Control System Call
DAT Data Ager  Call
DCS Data Control System Call
H/SIS Hardware/Software Inventory System Call
JAT JCL and test file generator Call
JED Expert JCL Manager Call
PM/RS Problem Management and Reporting System Call
TBOX MVS Tool Box 
 (Includes all Power Tools shown below)


Tool Box Power Tools for TSO/ISPF
BF Program invokes ISPF Browse. Free
CF Automated Compilation Facility Call
Clear Edit macro to clear specified columns Free
Debug+ Front-end to COBOL II Debug  Call
JAV Job Accounting Validation on submit Call
LCB LISTCAT ENT ALL to a browse dataset Free
LCS LISTCAT ENT ALL to your screen Free
MENU Display list of available commands  Free
PCF Panvalet Compare Facility Free
PSF Panvalet Scan Facility Free
Put/Get Provides copy/paste from ISPF edit Call
RAS Report Archival System Call
Space View list of DASD volumes and free space Call
WHOHAS Show who is enqued on a dataset Call


Tool Box Power Tools for Batch
COMM Console commands from batch Free
DSNPRES Test if specified DSN is present Free
DVU Dynamic Volume Allocation Utility Call
ECI Expand Copy/Include Statements Call
MEU Member extract utility Free
PDSD Delete member(s) from a PDS Call
PDSS Store a member into a PDS Call
TCANCEL Cancel all TSO users Free
TJR Test if JOB is running Call

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